Baking workshops


We had another successful two days of baking workshops where our students learned how to make macarons both with French and Italian meringue and we finished up today with a unicorn cupcake class.


Macaron workshop

During our macaron workshop students were able to try two different techniques to make the ever finicky macaron. Although we use the Italian method for macarons that we supply to customers we wanted to show them also how to make them the way most home bakers would be achieving these popular French treats. The French method uses equipment that most of our students would have already in a domestic kitchen so it’s important that our students would be able to reproduce the recipes at home. We had a go at the Italian method which involves cooking the meringue with a hot sugar syrup. It involves more baking skill and some specialty equipment but we wanted to show them the difference in the shell consistency and challenge their baking skills.

We filled our macarons with 5 different flavoured buttercreams and also chocolate ganache.

It was a busy day and everyone went home with a box filled with macarons. We run this workshop several times a year dates usually confirmed 4 weeks in advance.

Unicorn cupcake workshop

Our second day was filled with bright rainbow coloured buttercream. Zoe Conroy who joined San Pasqual in March, taught our students how to create super fun unicorn cupcakes. All the students baked their own cupcakes and then made gold dusted horns and tiny ears both made of fondant . They then made the most vivid multi coloured buttercream and assembled their mythical creations that tasted as good as they looked.

This will definitely  be a repeat class as everyone was super impressed with their unicorn cupcakes and were delighted to take home a dozen cupcakes to delight family and friends.

Zoe makes special occasion cakes for our San Pasqual customers at The Anteaque Coffee Shop and also has her own home based cake business where she can be contacted directly for  your special occassion cake enquiries.

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