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gluten& dairy free sugar cookies, gluten & vegan fairy cakes, gluten free chocolate cake

Regardless of your decision to restrict your dietary choices either due to lifestyle choices or health reasons as a baker I feel challenged  to try and recreate traditional recipes with substitute ingredients.The best compliment I could get is you’d never know this doesn’t have ……

I’ve been dabbling in gluten friendly/ vegan recipes for a few months for my market stall. I have regular customers who really appreciate the effort of including their dietary restrictions in my baking line-up. That’s why I’ve decided to research some more recipes to offer a larger tastier range of baked good for those customers.

The recipes I have stuck with  are ones that can be easily modified to substitute ingredients to suit your restriction.


Gluten free fairy cakes  

There are loads of gluten free flours on the market and it can all be overwhelming deciding which one to use. I went with with a pre-mixed blend of Dovesfarm self-raising flour.

I would normally never buy self raising flour but I wanted to be sure of the raising agent/xanthan gum balance and found this to be most convenient. They actually have recipes on the back of the package . What better way to start? So that’s what I did. I made the chocolate chip fairy cake recipe on the back of the package. It might seem like cheating but whatever works….and it worked. They came out with a lovely texture. It is a very light tasting treat. The following time I took this same recipe and modified it by replacing the butter with non -dairy butter replacement (I used Stork brand ) and the eggs with flaxseed. Now you have a gluten free/dairy free/egg free fairy cake. Make sure you use good quality dark chocolate chips as they have generally have no dairy. Check the label to be sure. I am fortunate enough to be get my chocolate by ChocOneil for my vegan baking so I know what I am putting in my baking is the best!


Vegan & Gluten Free Sugar Cookies. 

I love traditional sugar cookies. The roll out kind that you can cut out any shape to fit the occassion and decorate with royal icing to your hearts content! When I started the markets this was my first attempt at gluten free. These are so easy . I found the orginal recipe on

Once again I just replaced the butter with dairy free butter replacement (Stork) . These are so easy. Just keep in mind they take while for the dough to come together and leave it in the fridge at least an hour or better yet overnight before rolling out. Don’t make them too thin or use cutters that have too many small parts as they have a tendency of breaking with too much handling.


Gluten free chocolate cake

Once again I found this on the internet. Kitchen godess Nigella came up with this one.

It doesn’t require gluten free flour but instead ground almonds and instead of butter it includes olive oil. You could try and replace the eggs with an egg substitute . I tried the flax seed and it was way too dense and didn’t stay together very well. I went back to using eggs. You can’t be all things to all people.


Vegan chocolate cake 

This recipe from Mary Berry is great. Just replace the eggs with flaxseed and once again I used stork instead of butter! Viola you have a vegan chocolate cake. Vegan cream is easily available in health food stores for the ganache topping. I made  this recently for an 18th birthday cake and it turned out lovely and moist. Only problem I had was that once the cake was larger than 10inches in started to crack in the middle. I don’t mean small cracks that can be hidden with icing but Grand Canyon size cracks that resulted in vegan brownies for the market and coffee shop. After my third attempt I worked out a solution- I popped the cake in the freezer and iced it super fast with raffia ribbon tied around the perimeter. You can see the raffia at bottom of the photo. It was made to look like decoration but believe me it was purely functional.’s-Very-Best-Chocolate-Cake




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