Conchas- Pan dulce

conchas 3

One of the reasons I decided to take a bread class in Dublin a couple of months ago was I am determined to make my own Mexican sweet bread. I haven’t had the real thing in over 10 years but it is one of those flavours and smells you will never forget. I remember the fist time I had one of these, we bought them from  a lady who was selling them after mass outside the church. She also sold menudo, which my mom would bring an empty large Folgers coffee tin to fill up with the menudo. At the time I didn’t appreciate the menudo (which I love now) but I couldn’t wait until we got home to have some the lovely sweet bread she bought. Americans who live in any state bordering Mexico have panaderias and little Mexican grocery shops that sell these and a multitude of other beautifully crafted Mexican sweet breads but these are non existent in Ireland -until now!

The Bread has a sweet paste top on it which cracks when baked. It is scored to resemble shells. It is either plain white or they use pretty bright colours such as pink and yellow or chocolate topping. I decided to make the three different toppings; plain,coloured and chocolate. I spent several hours pouring over recipes on the internet, pinterest to find a  recipe that seemed authentic.I mutated a couple of different recipes from blogs and It was different from some of the other ones I had read as it told you to refrigerate the dough after proving for 8 hours up to 24 hours. I didn’t want to make them in a mixer for the first time as it’s important to me to feel the dough by hand if I’ve never made it before. This is the reason I have no photos of the process as my hands were very sticky. It was a great arm work out but will taking out the Kenwood next time around.

I’ll be making these on a weekly basis now as I love the taste and the smell in my kitchen brought me back to my childhood.

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