Dacquois au cafe

I have been wanting to make this recipe for months since I found it on Little French bakery blog.http://littlefrenchbakery.com/blog/dacquoise-au-cafe-almond-merengue-with-coffee-butter-cream

I love Almond meringue hence why I love macarons. I’ve been making macarons on a weekly basis so I needed a little break but since my husband requested home-made custard the other night with our apple crumble, I gladly obliged but I had egg whites screaming make me into Dacquois.

It’s made with French butter-cream, which I’ve only made once while taking a course at La Cuisine Paris. It’s a bit tricky as you are pouring boiled sugar syrup into whipped eggs and slowly adding butter once cooled. My Kenwood Classic was struggling a bit but it turned out lovely and silky, well worth the effort. Left over butter-cream inspired me into making some fairy cakes to top off with the remains.


Bread baking with The Baking Academy of Ireland

I spent a wonderful 6 hours Sunday on a bread course. In the past I had inconsistent results with my traditional bread making so I decided to get some professional help at The Baking Academy of Ireland in Palmerstown, Dublin 20. I have taken a couple of classes there in the past and found the standard to be on a very professional level without being too intimating and to top it off you get an amazing lunch thrown in for the price too.

We made traditional pan bread, party brot and a plaited bread. They explained all the science of bread making and after a demonstration then we were let loose to make our own bread. These were the results ….

plaited breadun cooked panBread basket